• Our cold compound, hand made gin. The wonderful amber colour comes from the juniper steeping in the spirit - it is not distilled, so you get a very different flavour. Our gin also contains coriander, cardamon, black pepper, angelica root and fresh orange peel .
  • Tonic Syrup

    DKK 149,00
    Our Old Doctors' House hand made Tonic Syrup is made from organic oranges and limes, with cardamon, coriander, allspice, the all important china bark (where the quinine comes from) and sweetened with sugar. It gives a very different G&T experience.
  • Christmas Gin

    DKK 299,00
    This is a more robust gin, with an added Christmassy feel. It has more cardamon than the standard gin, with cinnamon and aniseed added. Tastes great with ginger ale and a slice of orange.